Phyliss Rose Cohen Quantum Awakening Coach A Voice of Inspiration and Passion, A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World
      Phyliss Rose Cohen                                                             Quantum Awakening Coach                              A Voice of Inspiration and Passion,                   A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World             

                                      Story of An Artist Who Lives with Angels and Shares their Teachings!                                                                              Teacher/Tutor  Artist/Speaker  Coach/Facilitator

Phyliss is a living celebration of all things sacred, elegant, and magnificent. Life expresses through her varied Gifts of Teaching with a Voice of Instruction, assisting international students of all ages and cultures. 


Phyliss interactively teaches in Forums and Classrooms with the Angels.  Her intuitive syllabus reveals, "Mastery comes through dedicated application of specific spiritual formulas, tapping into a personalized Set of Divine Blueprints which are our building blocks in Consciousness. "This is the Source of the Miraculous!"


"Abundant harmony with all Life comes through 'Right Responsiveness', Sourced from the Love of the Divine Feminine - the Infinite Heavenly Mother's Presence; and, the Light of the Infinite Divine Masculine - the Heavenly Father's Presence"  Phyliss shares, "This is truly my Passion, to Be That Presence of Illimitable Love and Infinite Light!"  


The Phyliss Rose Cohen site provides information about upcoming seminars, "Quantum Awakening - New World Consciousness: Living Your Life In The Miraculous", as well as information about her artistic journey of Living the Divine Way as an Awakened - Conscious Creator Being! You are invited to visit these pages representing her Gallery to Life, and participate in "All The Above"!



Phyliss Rose Cohen has accelerated beyond her former disciplines in the areas of education and organizational performances into being an Intuitive and Interpreter, Communicator of Esoteric and Ascension Knowledge and Methodologies. 


She is a Quantum Empowerment Presenter, has an MA in Communications Studies, Media and Public Relations, a BA in Liberal Arts, Gifted Educator - Fine Arts, Criminal Justice, and is an Artist.


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Please join in this Celebration of Life and indulge Your-Self in a Day of Discovery, Qualified by Divine Intention to Wondrously Enrich You!

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