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      Phyliss Rose Cohen                                                             Quantum Awakening Coach                              A Voice of Inspiration and Passion,                   A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World             

Empowerment Corner

QUANTUM EMPOWERMENT CORNER reflects the awakening pathways to support the Re-Birthing of consciousness into your truth and a deep knowing of your own Essence that is Eternal, is revealed and thus a New Reality is created.

It is a conscious journey of discovery into remembrance of our true Beingness and the connection to the HEART and our SOUL. 


A way  to begin is with a conscious breath - make a choice for Divine Peace, Love, Compassion, Freedom, Unity in Service to Humanity, and through personal awakening and by allowing and accepting beliefs based on a new awareness and truth so that the Soul's existence reflects the higher mind consciousness, "Fifth Dimensional Frequencies" of your life and the creation of our New World.


On December 23, 2012, a new "Seventh Golden Crystal Age" was born, as was predicted, and the end of Millions of years of Dark Ages that existed on our Planet has finally come to an end and a new world was born to bring in the peace, harmony,  unity, cooperation and all that expresses true love and compassion that for eons our hearts have waited and craved for. The Birthing of Divine Love and Light, the Ascended Host with all Their Angels, have come to the earth to love, assist, support and guide our hearts, an invitation is given for those who are ready and desiring to participate in the greatest experiment of this planet ever by cooperating with the "Heavenly Host"  in raising humankind into higher consciousness and finally, bringing "Heaven to Earth".   


Gaia, our Beloved Mother Earth needs us to connect to the pure essence of our inner selves, the Soul and make the choice to live in this world without fear and hate. Do remember to breath yourself through the LIGHT as It will ILLUMINE your fears and the darkness, that has been anchored for eans of time in your DNA that needs to come up and be cleansed!  All that was hidden must be revealed as it comes to the surface for observation, recognition, purification, and healing. This is an opportunity for renewal of feelings that have been attached in order to free them and release the holding of old hurtful feelings. Very Big! By giving your feelings a voice you have the choice to re-assign the new freed up space to be filled with love and acceptance of self. Can be challenging and can also be an opportunity for great shifts in awareness and spiritual growth. Giving it up and forgiving oneself for being a hostage to patterns and limitations that no longer serve you, frees up the feelings and brings peace to the heart and illumination to the mind. Regrets are the hardest to overcome and limit the opportunities for greater expansion of light and love to manifest in your life.  


Every experience we have ever had in our lifetime was contractual, meaning, we have signed up for it and agreed to live it in order to advance our spiritual goals, love unconditionally and become the faithful Escort to our Divine Source acting in us, through us and as us and Loving unconditionally our  neighbor as ourselves.  


Thus a healing and a Sacred journey of self-discovery begin as the truth of who we really are as our Divine purpose for our lives unfolds, realizing why we chose to be here at this time and to help rebirth the consciousness of Divine Love to manifest on our planet. 


We are in a middle of a quantum (GALACTIC) shift and in our understanding of our reality, soon scientific research will prove that metaphysical concepts, such as multi-dimensions, intuition, divine intelligence, and even spirit will be considered the norm rather the ESOTERIC. We are the leading edge of developing consciousness long before science will come to prove it. QUANTUM PHYSICS is the bridge between the ANCIENT-WISDOM (SPIRITUALITY) and the modern science because it allows for our fields of energy to connect our physical worlds and humanity to the phenomenon of entanglement or the connection to all that is, the consciousness that traditional physics does not allow.  


The Ascension - people are waking up to the aspects of SELF that they were not aware of. They are realizing that how they identify themselves is malleable and that change can be a wonderful thing. There is no need to hold on to old concepts of SELF unless discomforts are still perceived as better than change. It is time to restructure, reprogram or recalibrate old attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, habits, programs, and scripts, real or unreal. You have within you all the knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage and the skills you need to complete your lessons and the healing process. Now its time to learn how to access this information which will set you FREE.


Awakening Evolving Human - are you feeling the opportunity present at every turn? Are you experiencing one "aha "moment after another? Are you sensing that you have more internal choice points than ever before? Do you realize that one of those choice points is to consciously merge with your Soul / Essence / Higher-Self as a Divine Human! Envision yourself in your new energy now, allow the beautiful feelings you treasured deeply inside, but did not trust it was really you, An Angel, and appreciate the experience you had that grew you into the unique person that is you today. Huge conscious realization. Step into your truth! Immerse in your life, love yourself - you can't love anyone else if love for self is not realized. Create love wherever you go, love for the planet, love for humanity, not for anyone else, but for yourself and your spiritual evolution. You are the director of your life. Get out of the driver seat of the carnal (monkey) mind, no need to direct or analyze the thoughts, just let them happen. Accepting and allowing things to come with ease and Grace into our lives as a natural unfolding manifestation form the Universe will assist the seeker on their spiritual journey to discover their "INNER MAGIC" the Source of Their Life, the "MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE" and the "SACRED FIRE LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER".  


 Daily Mantra:

My Beloved, I AM Presence, I stand and face Thy Eternal Sun Rise and Its Radiance, Eternally Sustained and ever expanding for all eternity in my Being and World. I AM that I AM, I thank you.


I live within the Heart Flame of the Great Ascended Host, and I live within the Heart Flame of the Angels. The Highest Purpose before me now is to turn within and make Contact with that Inner Quietness, The Sanctum within, the Holy of Holies, with All-That-Is Sacred inside me.


I AM  being restored, from the inside out, as a Powerful Force of Divine Love too long forgotten in this world.


 I AM turning within so that The Presence can escape into my Being and experience, and through me, into the outer world where that Presence will bend the arc of history, changing the course of humanity. I AM so grateful and blessed.       


Archngel Chamuel also known as the Listening Archangel comes to reveal to us the Quality that shall most serve humankind, and it is the Gift of Eternal Silence.  I "AM" the Archangel Who oversees all transactions, such as Prayers, Contemplations, and Meditations that True Art of Prayer can only come once a certain Knowingness is restored to you - True Prayer, this can be a Prayer in which the Words of the Prophets, this can be a Prayer in which the Words are more than enough, whether you speak them out, whether you think them up or whether you just hold the Silence and feel the meaning of those Words "Thy Grace is my sufficiency".  It is the Art of Listening to that brings Silence to the mind with Intension to make Contact with God that keeps the thoughts expanded in consciousness -Listening is the Key. 


Ask Archangel Chamuel what does genuine Silence provide a person living in the third dimension of this world? It provides everything! Once the kiss, the hem of the Silence is touched, the Silence opens The Door to Everything, and what follows is a host of new opportunities such as that Life comes knowing upon your Door. In Remembrance of these Sacred things, I Chamuel, the Archangel, the Overseer of the Passageway to the Most High, that Passageway being The Sacred Sounds of Silence, be with you now, "Peace, Be Still" and know, in this Sacred Space, I know what you have need of, I know what you require.


Yet for I, and the Hosts of Heaven, to provide you with Everything you require, Life will bring upon each of you that pressure that will compel you to the most unique form of giving up. It is a giving up, it is a surrendering that, if genuine, if given to unfold within the Sacred Silence, asks nothing more of you than sixty seconds of surrendering, nothing more than sixty seconds of letting go, and letting God. Come empty, and an Ocean of Silence filled with Benevolence will come rushing into your Being and begin to act out in your world, rushing to you a host of opportunities that will fulfill every need, everything that you could ever imagine that you might require! God Bless you and thank you so much for your precious gift Beloved Archangel Chamuel!


I surrender all that I have, and all that I am for my greatest good. I allign my will with the Divine Will of Father - Mother God for my highest good and greatest good for all.


I draw to myself the Adamante Particles of Light - the Divine Substance of creation to create and mold my wonderous new world, as I am destined to take an active part and play a role that was assinged by your Divine Self that will be your gift and conntribution to the whole. 


                                                                   Archangel Chamuel, Radiant Rose


"True Prayer is not speaking to God. It is the still small Voice of God speaking to you in the Silence - that is True Prayer. God is speaking to you; it is not you speaking to God. And know this: that still small voice may not be audible. Only once out of a hundred or a thousand times might that small Voice of God be audible. The first expression of this small Voice is sometimes a display of images that flood your Being: and sometimes it's Diviner Interplay of Energy flooding your Being".  God speaks throuugh the fields of intuition, resonance and sensativity. 

                                                      Acsended Master Saint Germain, Radiant Rose Academy 



"To Love the Lord, thy God, in thy Heart, in privacy - this is how you build God in you until there is only God. The Great I "AM".

                                                                  Beloved Jesus the Christ, Radiant Rose Academy


In this Journey of turning within, always be encouraged, for, in Truth, I tell you, you know not what progress that you are making! Remind yourself that, with every effort to turn within, something is always happening. The mortal mind, the human consciousness, desires you to give up, to tell yourself, "This is just not working for me!" So, rather say to yourself, "If I have tried a 1,000 times and not yet had the Experience, I will just try another 1,000!" Lean upon the God Presence in you that sayeth, "Come unto me, and enter within."


                                                                   Beloved Mother Akasha, Radiant Rose Academy


As I gain a Momentum of entering into the Inner Stillness, The Christ begins to take hold of me, pulling me back to my Center. In the Silence of a Moment, the indwelling Presence of God surges waves of Its Perfection through me. As I go back into the outer world, that Presence comes with me-this is a Renewal of Consciousness, of The Presence Acting in my Consciousness. In the Heart of the Silence, as my Great God Self releases back into my Consciousness, what begins to unfold is an Alchemical Blending whereby the Capital "I" Self-begins to merge and blend with the small "I". God speaks thru the fields of Intuition, Resonance and Sensativity.

                                                                              Passport to God, Radiant Rose Academy


Archangel Raffael, Twin Flame t Mother Mary, invites you to contemplate, seek and exploe the power of everything that abides within you of love, joy, harmony, peace, Sacret Laughter and healing. He is the Angel of Divine Healing and Mirth.  He asks us to call on Him and say, "Raffi, come and heal my body" with Your Majestic Emerald Green Flame. Thank you. 





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