Phyliss Rose Cohen Quantum Awakening Coach A Voice of Inspiration and Passion, A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World
      Phyliss Rose Cohen                                                             Quantum Awakening Coach                              A Voice of Inspiration and Passion,                   A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World             

Nuggets Of Inspirations

Nuggets of inspirations were created for the purposes of making connections of vibrational pulsations of energy lifts to assist in your imagination that propels you into higher states of awareness. 


You are living in a Multi-Body-System, Feelings, Body, and Mind. We are Angels living in disguise as humans, and having a human experience in duality. Realizing that our Consciousness is currently under construction moving into the 5-dimensional reality. Our Beloved Planet Earth, 'Gaia' is also shifting her axes and transforming Herself into the Pristine Planet She ones was! Changes are coming!


I AM the illumined consciousness of God, my mind a transparency - a clear window so as I make contact with the God-ness within me and above me, the Light of my Beloved Presence shines through my mind and the consciousness of my Presence begins to steer within my consciousness, transforming my life into perfect receptacle of Mighty Miracles of God. The 5th-dimensional consciousness awakens within when we realize that our carbon-based thinking needs to shift into Its Crystalline inheritance and a new way of creating our new Golden Age of Freedom can manifest. 


Follow Your Inner Compass!  Intuition is a feeling, a vision or an inner conversation you are having, It's an energetic download of Light-Love-Wisdom and Consciousness, it is the energy download which oversees a deep awakening within you, a Shift that affects our selves, the world, and the planet. Therefore, let us be mindful that Thought, Feeling and the Spoken Word are the only Creative Power in the Universe! Let us than dream beautiful dreams!


I Am a creator Being of all my God/Goddess given talents and am ready to beam Divine Inheritance, my supply, money, perfect health, happiness and abundance to this world.


In my deep contemplation, I ask myself, Who do I want to Be and what kind of personality do I want to Become in my New, Beautiful, Evolving and Becoming Self. Which of the 144 Qualities of Divine Love will I allow to fulfill themselves through my personality? I like the person I am becoming! What are my hopes, dreams, and aspirations? What does my Tomorrow Land look like? I Am the 'Master Presence' of my life and I can change All through the Power of Qualification and today, I will be more insightful in my qualifications of my thoughts and feelings. I desire my Heart flame to be the Fulfillment of my spoken words, thoughts and feelings.   


I will Speak only if my words are more golden than the silence.


"I AM" - two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them, Shapes Your Reality.




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Please join in this Celebration of Life and indulge Your-Self in a Day of Discovery, Qualified by Divine Intention to Wondrously Enrich You!

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