Phyliss Rose Cohen Quantum Awakening Coach A Voice of Inspiration and Passion, A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World
      Phyliss Rose Cohen                                                             Quantum Awakening Coach                              A Voice of Inspiration and Passion,                   A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World             

                                  CELEBRATE YOU



You are worth celebrating, you are endowed with all the

Divine Gifts of the Creator!

You are worth everything.

You are so unique.

In this world, there is only ONE you.

Your talents, your experiences, your gifts 

to care, to create, to grow.

Believe in yourself, be your own best friend!

You are capable of meeting life's challenges

and so worthy of happiness.

You are a very bright light, a Sun Presence!

Dream your dreams, for they are waiting for you and

want to manifest through you.

They start in your heart, way down in your soul, 

That's the place where the seeds of love can grow!

Your consciousness and esteemed self-worth, your power of determination, qualification, compassion, justice, and integrity are paramount in creating a more harmonious, joyful, loving Beingness that you are Becoming in the participation of creating a more, beautiful, loving and   

peaceful world!

"I AM" the Law that daws to me my own God supply in

material form that I desire and require, 


You are a scented bloom in the garden of Gods Heart and 

thank you for Celebrating the Miracle that you are!!!

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Please join in this Celebration of Life and indulge Your-Self in a Day of Discovery, Qualified by Divine Intention to Wondrously Enrich You!

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