Phyliss Rose Cohen Quantum Awakening Coach A Voice of Inspiration and Passion, A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World
      Phyliss Rose Cohen                                                             Quantum Awakening Coach                              A Voice of Inspiration and Passion,                   A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World             

         A Recepie of "GOODWILL" for the Whole Year

Take the twelve months, cleans them from Bitterness, Excessiveness,

Anxiety, Fear and Greed. 


Divide the following ingredients into equal parts for 30/31 days 

to sustain them throughout the whole year.


Mix the following ingredients to overflowing:

3 cups service - work

2 cups sweet disposition 

5 cups respect

2 1/2 cups humor

7 cups cooperation

5 Tbs tolerance

1 pinch of tactfulness

2 cups inspiration 

3 cups justice

1 1/2 cups of Magdalena Force

9 cups love


Together mix daily for consistency and sustenance, when ready,

decorate with a victorious and brilliant frosting of fulfillment,

attention, and intention, in our daily service of optimism for Gods, health,

wealth, youth, beauty, understanding, illumination, and love!


Life takes on an added luster, illumination, clarity, courage in our service as we begin to see life through the lens of joy and commitment as the engaging of our Conscious Creative Energy continues, in the creative energy of the 'New Earth'.


Let us be mindful that we are the creators of our worlds, by our feelings, thinking, and speaking, consciously or unconsciously, therefore, not realizing that we are responsible for the kind of world we are creating, for ourselves, future generations and for our beloved planet earth also know as Tetricordia. She has endured the abuse from all the generations of time. Mother Earth, Beloved Gaia, is asking for our assistance in helping her to heal our planet earth, our home by becoming more of a Loving Humanity.


Hatred, fear, judgement, doubt and wars only create more of the unconscious vails that keeps humanity from self-discovery and true identity. 


The Cosmic Hour Has Struck dear hearts!  The creation of the "New World" and the "New Earth" that began on December 23, 2012 are upon us, we are asked to be so responsible in taking an active part in creating this a more peaceful, loving world, where kindness, harmony, love, unity, and cooperation are so realized, actualized, and charged by the "Mighty Cosmic Flames of Eternal Joy, Peace, and Healing Presence to All. 


Let's call it forth for those who are not yet awakened.


I "AM" the Mind of God, awakening to the Great Powers of the Christ that comes to me and through me, in the great, great Silence.


I "AM" the Illumind consciousness of God, my mind a transparancy - a clear window so as I make contact with the God-ness within me and above me, the light of my Beloved Presence shines through my mind and consciousness transforming my life into perfect recepticle of the Mighty Miracles of God.   


                                  Wishing you a life in the Miraculous




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