Phyliss Rose Cohen Quantum Awakening Coach A Voice of Inspiration and Passion, A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World
      Phyliss Rose Cohen                                                             Quantum Awakening Coach                              A Voice of Inspiration and Passion,                   A Love-Beam of Light in Today's World             

Welcome to My Art Galery 

I t is my pleasure to introduce to you my unique inspirational paintings and greeting cards. Each paintning spoke to me with passion and clarity as if it longed to be expressed creatively as a living presence to access a deeper inner feeling of connectiveness to brilliance of light, love and capture the heartbeat of the Earth's Elements. 




Some facts about my paintings - Giclee Print Method,

what is Giclee?


Giclee is the most advanced method and perfect form of replication ever developed. Vivid in detail and faithful in color, these replications are printed on archival paper with archival inks. The life span of the prints lasts 80-90 years and color will not fade.    


Ta view my paintings in full screen, please click on the desired painting. 



 Giclee Prints - What is Giclee?


Giclee Prints are on Acid Free Paper





I invite you to explore the inspirational greeting cards and oil painting prints in various sizes that are available in my art store.

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For further information regarding my paintings, seminars, private coaching sessions,  group presentations and to Access Angels, please connect with me at our enclosed 

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Please join in this Celebration of Life and indulge Your-Self in a Day of Discovery, Qualified by Divine Intention to Wondrously Enrich You!

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